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  Henan Huatai Cereals&Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.(HHCOME) is a national manufacturing enterprise specializing in producing equipments of oil machinery; an outstanding corporate member of China Cereals&Oil Association and the provincial enterprise which abides by contracts and keeps promises. HHCOME includes Henan Huaxian Grain Machine Factory, Huaxian Hangpeng Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huakang Xiwang Biological Technology Co., Ltd.; HHCOME has many special license issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, comprising pressure vessel design license, pressure vessel manufacture license, medium oil furnace manufacture license, boiler and pressure vessel pipe installation license. HHCOME has obtained the Certificate Of Approval for enterprises with foreign trade rights, and has passed ISO9001:2000 Management By Quality System Certification.

   HHCOME aims at developing Chinese oil industry modernization & internationalization and dedicates to research, design and develop the complete set of special equipment of oil machinery. The equipment of rice bran preprocessing, extraction and refining has won the national patent (Patent No.: ZL200720092291.7); and whole set of equipment of biodiesel continuous production (Patent No.: ZL200920089138.8), whole set of equipment of lignite wax extraction(Patent No.: ZL200820230690.X) have also won the national patent. HHCOME has developed the top-advanced technology of soybean protein isolation, soybean protein concentration and soybean active substance extraction, cottonseed protein dephenolization, casein and so on. We have turned the latest scientific research results into productivity rapidly and achieved good social effects and economic returns for developing Chinese oil industry.