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* Complete set of special equipment of rice bran preprocessing、extraction and refining:
Patent No.:ZL200720092291.7
Specification: 10T/D-1000T/D
* Complete set of equipment of biodiesel continuous production:
It contains the international advanced pre-processing section, esterification process and distillation process, and it meets the European Union Standards;
Patent No.: ZL200920089138.8
Specification : 5T/D-300T/D
* Complete set of continuous production equipment of lignite wax extraction:
Patent No.: ZL200820230690.X
* Small scale set of equipments of high-class cooking oil:
It has won the national patent, HHCOME is the only factory which produces it in China.
Patent No.: ZL99252888.7
Specification: 1T/D-10T/D
* Complete set of equipment of oil preprocessing and pre-pressing :
Specification: 10T/D-2000T/D
* Complete set of equipment of oil extraction:
Specification: 20T/D-2000T/D
* Series of equipment of continuous phy-chem oil refining:
Specification: 10T/D-600T/D
* Offering installation, debugging, training technical worker and turnkey project