Representative of Henan Provincial People ’s Congress Yan Zipeng (HenanHuatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd.): It is suggested to increase support for enterprises ’export efforts and simplify invitation letters


Yan Zipeng, representative of the People's Congress of Henan Province: It is recommended that the Department of Commerce treat people from restricted countries to apply for an invitation letter in China: 1) Simplify the process for authentic customers that can be confirmed by the company, especially those who have cooperated; I have visited the customer's country before and I can confirm the authenticity of the customer. At the same time, I can provide the relevant supporting materials for the visit. For this kind of customer, I suggest that the Commerce Department can simplify the process and shorten the processing time of the invitation letter. 2. For customers whose enterprises can not grasp its authenticity, the Department of Commerce still handles them in accordance with the existing policies and regulations, and requires customers to provide corresponding procedures.



In the first three quarters of this year, Henan's total foreign trade import and export value was 366.72 billion yuan, which was the same as the same period last year and ranked first in the central region. Among them, exports were 236.49 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3%; imports were 130.23 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.1%. The monthly import and export volume in September was 72.55 billion yuan, a new monthly high in the past 12 months. Among them, the performance of private enterprises was dazzling, with the import and export value of 121.27 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5%, maintaining double-digit growth, and accounting for 33.1% of the province's total foreign trade value during the same period. The coverage of the international market is also expanding. In the first three quarters, the province ’s import and export value to the countries along the “Belt and Road” was 86.68 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7%, indicating that the cooperation potential of the countries along the “Belt and Road” is continuously being released and has become a new driving force for the development of the province ’s foreign trade. The import and export value of emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa was 27.03 billion yuan and 14.72 billion yuan, an increase of 16.7% and 11.8%, respectively. The trend of market diversification is obvious.